Best and most interesting Instant cameras you can buy

We say that fashion is cyclical, but nowadays it can also be applied to cameras. No one would believe that decades ago someone would claim the possible return of Polaroid Cameras. This comeback can be described as a phenomenon, because in today’s era of cell phone capabilities, people still want their magic moment … to hold the photo in their hands. And as soon as possible. And as stylish as possible. And we also want us to look cool in the pictures.

It is awesome (thanks to technology) to take pictures with a mobile phone and store them on devices, but society is hungry to attach a picture to their work computer or on the fridge. I can whisper that since the return of Polaroid cameras there is a wide range of photography options available. Rechargeable cartridges come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and sticky notes versions are also available…Yeeeey. Instant cameras are now being offered in unbelievable variations. For example, let’s take this KODAK as an introduction

Looking at it in this picture, I want to touch it and try it immediately. It is a camera with a small printer. It looks like a phone slim and small. Take a picture with this small device and print the picture. It’s a dream. And compared to the vintage bricks of the 1980s and 1990s (no offense), which were difficult to put in your luggage, this one can be put in a small pocket. This camera uses Zero Inc Technology to print High definition quality photos. This is the one which prints on Sticky photo paper.

This small wonder is compact and has a slide-out protective case as well as an 8mm lens with automatic Focus. Other features are Auto flash, LCD Viewfinder, Built-in editor, Fixed focus and 2 picture modes.

This camera is rechargeable via mini USB cable and can print up to 40 prints  (that a lot of prints) on a single charge while also viewing and editing photos in memory via MicroSD.

But the most important thing is that this attractive camera will bring joy to both the adult and the kid. No kidding.

The following is a compilation of the most interesting, unusual and attractive Polaroid cameras available today.

1. Canon Ivy CLIQ

Similar to KODAK Smile Canon Ivy CLIQ Instant Camera is slim ad pocked friendly. Also, printed paper size is identical (2”x3”) and it is also printing sticky photographs. It’s really trendy and really cool to stick a newly captured moment on your desk or notebook.

By the way, this Camera is on Sale and you can purchase it for less than a 100 U.S. Dollars.

          This camera is perfect for selfies and has a selfie mirror and auto flash. Identical to KODAK Smile also this camera uses Zero Ink printing technology and photo paper is designed to withstand the elements, including smudges, tears and water drops.          

You can use a microSD card to store photos and use USB cable to connect to Windows and Mac. Compatible desktop operating systems include Windows 10, 8. 1, 8 or 7 and Mac OS X v10. 10 – Mac OS 10. 14.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Let’s go back to how it all started a few years ago. This selection of instant cameras should not be without this gadget. Before getting into specification lets go back a little to history. Kodak ceased production of instant film cameras when it was successfully sued by Polaroid for patent infringement in 1986. Fujifilm, through an agreement with Polaroid specifying they could not officially distribute in certain territories (such as the US) until the original patents expired in the mid-1990s, continued to manufacture and market their own line of films. As such, Fuji produced several lines of instant films starting in the early 1980s.[1]

Instax was released to consumers in 1998.and was based on those earlier instant film systems, having the same film speed and dye order.

Fujifilm originally wished to release the Instax series worldwide including North America and Europe simultaneously but chose to work with Polaroid on the Mio camera based on the Instax mini 10/20 for the US market. The Mio product was discontinued after a few years.[2]

In 2016 it was reported that sales of Instax cameras had risen to 5 million units the previous fiscal year, up from 100,000 units in 2004.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is the following of Instax Mini 8. Won’t get into details about comparison of old and versions but all you need to know is that Mini 9 is the new updated versions of the legendary camera.

This mini gadget has been updated for selfie shoots and features a range of controls for producing credit car-sized pictures. The camera has FUJINON 60mm f/12.7 lens, which offers a fixed focus from 2′ to infinity, and a small selfie mirror is built into the front of the lens design for accurately composing self-portraits.

Alternatively, a macro attachment lens is included to reduce the minimum focus distance for working with close-up subjects. For general shooting, the optical viewfinder is available and incorporates a central target spot to aid in composing images. The dedicated hi-key mode produces intentionally over-exposed frames for a distinctly creative look. An automatic flash is built-in to provide additional illumination when shooting in low-light.


[2] Fuji may enter U.S. instant film market. EUROPE: 1998-10-31. Retrieved 2016-01-01.

Fujiflim instax is now awailable on sale with full all you need pacage under 100 U.S. Dollars in webstore.

10 in 1 camera accessories bundle set includes Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Smoky White, New Macro Lens adapter for slose ups to 50 cm, Camera case that comes with adjustable strap, PU leather and soft microfiber inner, selfie lens, Color Filter Lens four colors of yellow, blue, green and red. Film decor Sticker borders (20 pcs), photo album pink (64 pockets), Wall decor hanging frame (10 pcs), Creative Frames set (5pcs), 2 AA batteries.

3. Polaroid OneStep 2 Viewfinder

Yes, this is something we do remember from the past. Classic. If you buy this camera you can say prodly hat you own a Polaroid. Despite its possibly less comfortable design, this is a great new Polaroid called OneStep 2. It’s inspired by Polaroid’s original OneStep, but updated to create a simple, easy-to-use instant camera that works straight out of the box – just pick up some i-Type instant film and you’re good to go. It’s got a top of the range lens and a powerful flash to give you great photos every time, and this newly improved Viewfinder model makes framing your photos even more intuitive than before. Plus with its long-lasting rechargeable battery, you’ll be able to at all times be ready to shoot, whether you’re on a brief excursion or a journey around the world.  

You can buy camera together with a Color i-Type Film Pack 4668 (8 Instant Photos) and a Lumintrail Cleaning Cloth for 120 U.S. Dollars.

4. Polaroid Snap

If you want something less oldschool compared to previous one, but with a name Polaroid on camera box your choise would be this one. Polaroid Snap  is compact pocked size Instant Digital Camera with photos you can put into your wallet or hang on the fridge (you can do that with all instant camera pictures by the way). Photo both mode lets you take six pictures in 10

It comes in four (white, black, blue, red) colors and captures the details with 10 megapixels and uses Zero Ink printing technology. And by the way this camera is Earth Friendly because there is no Cartridges and no additional packaging to discard for Reduced waste.

5. More cameras to take a glance on

Lomo Instant Automat which is developed by company Lomography. This camera gas unusual vintage look and has two shooting modes. Important fact is that you can use Instax Mini films. Lomography camera was a trend in 2011, but it is still interesting and definitely worth buys.

Leica Sofort is a German-made camera. The camera is easy to use and at the same time, it makes good quality images with unique features. It has several basic shooting modes and menu navigation.

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